Keter Haramah

The Future City of Beit Shemesh

Keter Haramah

Keter Haramah (“Crown Heights”) Neighborhood is in actuality a ‘small city’ that provides a comprehensive and holistic solution for all the needs of the home and family. It offers an extraordinary quality of living so that your future and your community will be nothing less than perfect.
You will find over 1,000 well-planned and designed housing units, parks and playgrounds that include accessible passages to all parts of the residential complexes, excellent schools, wonderful kindergartens, magnificent shuls and betei midrash, modern mikvahs, thousands of square meters of commercial and employment zones and well developed public transportation that will take you anywhere and back. Far from the rush and bustle of the city, opposite a green forested landscape, you will enjoy vibrant and enriched communal living thanks to a diverse and high-quality community fabric that constitutes a healthy environment in which to raise your family.

Housing Units
Dunams of Parks
Residential Structures
City of the Future

The Location

Since its proclamation as a city in 1991, Beit Shemesh has seen phenomenal and rapid growth. Over the past decade, the city has become increasingly popular, making it the new Haredi superpower community in Israel.
In an attractive location between Bnei Brak and Jerusalem, the city enjoys several unique advantages that make it particularly desirable and draws young and veteran families from all across the country.
Its residents enjoy an exceptional quality of life with green areas and fresh air, well-developed infrastructures and advanced environmental planning, flourishing shopping centers and industrial parks, high accessibility and flowing transportation arteries, parks and playgrounds at every street corner.
The city excels in its unique fabric of a high-quality Torah society, an abundance of leading educational institutions, shuls, betei midrash, mikvehs and comprehensive community services spread throughout the city – all these and more impart the city its good reputation and make Beit Shemesh the most sought after and growing city in Israel.

Schools, Nurseries

and Green Areas

Shuls, Mikvehs
Talmud Torah and Yeshivas

Shopping Centers and Employment Zones Well-developed Infrastructures and Traffic Arteries

The Building

The residential complexes and public structures are built to particularly high quality with a commitment to the strictest regulatory standards and a long-term vision that makes smart use of the region’s characteristics.
The quality of the design and construction is expressed in each detail, starting from intelligent and functional thinking through the use of select materials and smart technologies. It includes top-of-the-line professionals who do everything to afford you the ideal residential experience.
Attention to detail and adapting to the changing needs of the Haredi family begins with the facade of the designed buildings that include spacious sukkah balconies and continue inside the apartments with maximum and efficient use of the interior, large dining areas, a huge niche for the family’s Sifrei Kodesh and kitchens with a double kosher sink.

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The specifications are awaiting you.

> A luxurious foyer designed by an interior designer

> A fully functional Shabbat elevator

> An apartment-based Shabbat clock
> An intercom point at the apartment’s entrance and an audio attachment for the bedroom
> Integrated glass and aluminum handrails
> Preparation of a mini central air-conditioning system
> A gas outlet for a gas water heater
> A garden/balcony water tap
> An additional gas outlet on the balcony/in the garden
> Three-phase electricity 3X25

> Granite porcelain 80/80 tiles throughout the apartment and over 30 patterns to choose from

> “Parquet-like” flooring for balconies and porches

> Interior doors from “Pandoor” or the equivalent, including soft slam and protection against water damage – in a selection of shades, including white

> An electric rolling shutter for the living room window

With a manual option for opening on Shabbat

> A “New Generation” secure room window

> Preparation for screens against mosquitoes (not in the secure room)

> A luxuriously designed kitchen that includes the following:

> Sandwich board cabinets, including a B.I. unit with a flap door in a selection of shades to choose from

> BLUM soft-shut fittings

> Two separate sinks for flat installation

> Pull-out faucets

> Caesarstone quartz countertop – 5 shades for selection

> Preparation for a dishwasher

> Wall-hung toilet and concealed cistern

> Integral bath vanity in each of the bathrooms

> “Anti-slip” flooring in several sizes to choose from

The specifications’ main points are not yet final, subject to existing inventories, changing series and different suppliers, according to the architect’s choosing, for standardization and decision by the developer. The Company will be bound solely by the sales contract and its signed appendices. Conditional and subject to the building permit. E&OE

The Community

Keter Haramah is a real estate gem that attracts the best sons of the Haredi society and offers a unique fabric of a diverse Torah society, vibrant community life and a warm and caring environment.
Here, you will find excellent neighbors and quality educational institutions for all ages. Enjoy the perfect location to raise a family while building a healthy future with strong roots. Come and live with people like you in a growing and high-quality environment that offers an uncompromising quality of life, both materially and spiritually.

The Green Spaces

Giving thought and consideration to even the smallest details also extends to the parks and playgrounds spread throughout the neighborhood.
Facilities where you will find expansive and inviting lawns, innovative and attractive installations that meet the strictest standards, serene and charming corners where you can relax, unique playing fields for a variety of sports, and cycling trails.

Spaces for leisure activities, family and children gatherings, specially designed park benches, accessible water fountains, various solutions for shade and more.

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